Chinese Vegan Food Made Easy


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With the China Study being all about the healthy vegan diets in certain parts of China, it certainly is not surprising that a good vegan cookbook would cover mostly Chinese food.

I ran across this cookbook Quick And Easy  Chinese Vegetarian Cooking and was impressed by the value packed package which included the 275 page cookbook with a mouthwatering array of dishes. Then the author Jim Yang adds the following bonuses:

Bonus Cookbook #1: Jim’s Secret Sichuan Hot Sauce Recipe

Bonus Cookbook #2: Jim’s Guide to Mastering Essential Cooking Techniques

Bonus Cookbook #3: Jim’s Guide to Essential Chinese Cooking Ingredients

The biggest surprise for me was the price and the 60 day unconditional guarantee which the author offers for his product.

Click the book cover above or Click Here! to see how delicious and easy vegan eating can be.

My Vegan Bookshelf – 1st Edition


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A Serendepitious Trip To A Local Book Store


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Making a 180 degree turn to embrace a lifestyle that is totally different from one you have embraced all your life, is a very difficult move to make. It requires a lot of conviction and support if one is to successfully make a permanent transition.

Thus I have been reading up about the other side, the “dark side” so to speak, which is actually the side I lived in all my life. If all  I did was to read books by vegans, then one encounter with an eloquent non-vegan author might be enough to dash all my resolve to the ground. Having said that,  I will be sharing the non-vegan books at a later time.

This is because I want to share this extremely delightful outing I had at a local book store, actually a bargain book store, where I found so many gems written by some of the biggest names in vegan lifestyle.

The photos  of my haul are inserted at the end of this post. I have also put together links to the books in Amazon, in case some of the blog readers want to get copies for themselves.

A Vegan Family Dinner At Likha Diwa Sa Gulod


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I think that two of the biggest obstacles to going vegan are the traditional family celebrations and eating out. To my kids AND my mother, eating out means doing what my uncle calls “eat to death” which by the way, can happen literally. Surf over to Dr. Roy Swanks site and prepare to be horrified at what happens after you eat a high fat meal.

Anyway, eating out for my family would mean going to restaurants like Cabalen, Crustasia, Razons, Trellis, Luk Foo and the like. Yesterday, I felt that I had to try to change all that.

As luck would have it, the weather was so bad in the late afternoon that there was hardly a word of protest when I announced we were eating in a “mainlyvegetarian” restaurant. So since I was on Commonwealth Avenue already, I hightailed it inside UP Diliman and exited near the stud farm on CP Garcia and headed on to this restaurant “Likha Diwa Sa Gulod”.

I had been here before, about a week ago, with my three girls and they all enjoyed the food and the place. The two boys and my Mom likewise found the place to be cozy and homey. My youngest son commented that it was like Cafe by the Ruins and we all agreed. The decor was simple, a bit ethnic and simple. It was an open air place but since it was late in the afternoon we never felt hot.

So I decided to order appetizers right away and got lumpia shanghai, fried shiitake mushrooms, and chili vege meat quesadillas.  Like last time, all these appetizers disappeared in the blink of an eye.  My two sons kept on saying that they just could not believe that there wasn’t a shred of meat in all these appetizers.

We went on to order the main courses and like before, I ordered for everyone. We got this vegetable curry, vegetable paella, kare kare, tofu with tomato and black beans while my Mom ordered pesto with aligue. I am not counting on her going vegan since tofu does not sit well with her so luckily they had some seafood dishes like this available. All the meals came with red mountain rice and we took turns tasting all the different dishes. My  eldest son found the cuisine to be delicious and since he is a bit health conscious now, I think that he would be able to convert easily. My two daughters always loved the food here so I expect no problems with them. It’s my youngest son who might prove to be the toughest customer to convert. This guy loves steak, chicharon, crispy pata and all the other cholesterol and fat laden food. He hasn’t met a steak he did not like and since he seems to be blessed with fast metabolism, on the outside it would seem that he should be eating anything he can get his hands on.

But there is a silver lining because he did like the kare kare and the vegetable curry, though next time I’ll get him a mild version of the chili. This little boy can probably convert if the matter is presented properly. Right now, I think that the best way to do this is to tell him that it will improve his cycling. He takes pride in the fact that he was able to ascend the steep hills in our village on his heavy bike, while on the heaviest gear as well. My eldest son and I are worried that when he gets a light bike like ours, he’ll leave us in the dust. Bravo for him :-)

Anyway, all looks well for a vegan transition. Right now, my strategy for myself and my family is to slowly ease out the animal based foods. I think it would be great if I could time it in such a way that the Christmas and New Year parties will be the last hurrah for meat dishes, so we can start the New Year as vegans.

Let’s see how it goes…..

Oh and I was not able to take photos of the place but I’ll do it next time.

For those interested to try out Likha, here is their address and contact info:

Likha Diwa sa Gulod
Vegetarian and Seafood Cafe
C.P. Garcia, Krus na Ligas
Quezon City
Tel. No. (632)925.5522

Welcome to the site of The Hesitant Vegan


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Let me make one thing clear. I WANT TO BE A VEGAN but I am NOT one YET.

I am totally convinced about all the benefits a vegan diet can bring.

However, as anyone who knows me personally can vouch, I am primarily carnivorous and the only time I eat something green would be in Caesar Salads or in the once every two months Chopsuey.

Being located in the Philippines doesn’t make it any easier as shown by the dishes displayed in the buffet lunches in malls. Typical filipino fare includes dinuguan, kare kare, tocino, longganisa, adobo, sisig, lechon de leche etc.

I love all those foods and I am especially fond of the chicharon with laman and chicharon bituka.In short, I love eating rich foods, especially the Filipino ones.

Thanks to my daily oatmeal and exercise, my BP is normal but I know that with middle age fast approaching, it is time for me to change the way I eat.

I am no stranger to changing lifelong habits though. I stopped smoking cold turkey over 25 years ago, and I was on a 3 pack a day habit.

I also gave up drinking 5 years ago, after being a prolific “case every weekend” drinker for the past 20 years.

I mention this, not to brag about my will power, but to show others that it can be done. I know how much it can help one to kick bad habits when you hear about others who were in it just as badly as you are.

In fact, my purpose here in this blog is to both give and solicit help from people who want to go on a vegan diet and those who are on one.

You see, I know for a fact that this will be the most difficult change I will make in my life, what with Christmas coming up.

But I look at my 4 young children and I know why I need to do this. Because I will not be saving just my own life for their benefit, but I will be saving their lives from the ravages of disease brought about by unhealthy eating.

So please visit often as I will post information about veganism as I encounter it in my daily struggle to prevail over a lifetimes worth of meat eating.