Chinese Vegan Food Made Easy


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With the China Study being all about the healthy vegan diets in certain parts of China, it certainly is not surprising that a good vegan cookbook would cover mostly Chinese food.

I ran across this cookbook Quick And Easy  Chinese Vegetarian Cooking and was impressed by the value packed package which included the 275 page cookbook with a mouthwatering array of dishes. Then the author Jim Yang adds the following bonuses:

Bonus Cookbook #1: Jim’s Secret Sichuan Hot Sauce Recipe

Bonus Cookbook #2: Jim’s Guide to Mastering Essential Cooking Techniques

Bonus Cookbook #3: Jim’s Guide to Essential Chinese Cooking Ingredients

The biggest surprise for me was the price and the 60 day unconditional guarantee which the author offers for his product.

Click the book cover above or Click Here! to see how delicious and easy vegan eating can be.

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