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It’s been a while and a lot has happened in the Android world. The current version is now Gingerbread and it brought a lot of much needed improvements to my Android phones most especially the Desire.
However, I will leave the benefits of Gingerbread to my Desire for another day. What I want to cover today is the rapid progression of my introduction to the Android world.
While I cannot see myself going back to a non-android mobile operating system, my experience with my phones has not been all that stellar. However, I must point out that they are, for the most part remedied with relative ease.

One example here is the case of my Samsung Galaxy S. I got this on a plan and I have been very happy with the phone. Except for the lack of a flash, the multimedia capabilities of the SGS are better than those of the HTC Desire. While the lack of a flash is one factor why it has not replaced my Desire as my main phone, the bigger problem then was the infamous lag. For a while I thought that my SGS was saved from the lag problem but it turned out that this was due more to the lack of usage. As I used the phone more, I began to experience the maddening pause or screen blackouts. So I had to admit to myself that my SGS had the lag issue as well.

At first, I thought of selling the phone, but I had become attached to the excellent camera, video and media player, as well as the form factor and memory space. So the next best thing was to install the lag fixes that were showing up all over the net.

So after judicious research, I was able to understand the process well and I was able to decide which lag fix to use. This required rooting the phone, a process that had much in common with jail-breaking an Iphone. I will discuss rooting in another post but in the meantime, I want to share the resources I used in fixing my SGS.
First, here is the page of the Speedmod kernel creator. Here you can find information about the lag fix and other innovations made by the extremely talented developer Rodney Chua, to SGS functionality. After applying this fix, my SGS no longer suffers from lag of any sort. Plus I got a whole boatload of system improvements!

After applying this fix, I also got curious about the other ROM builds available so I did some research and after much reading, I decided to go for what is called a ROM Kitchen by Doc and Stefunel. It’s an extremely delightful experience of “cooking” putting together your custom ROM by making selections in the ROM generator.

You can read about their work on the XDA forum:

And here is the link to the ROM Kitchen:

All the resources posted here should keep you Android fans busy reading for a while.

Enjoy the resources and learn them well because they will serve as a teaser about what the Android world holds for your smartphone’s future.

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